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Can In-Line filters are designed to be placed in the air extraction tubes.

It has openings on both sides so that connections can be made between several filters, in rooms that require strong odor extraction. The longer the filter duct, the longer the air stays, so odors will be eliminated better.

The body of these carbon filters is made of stainless steel, making them more resistant. The minimum duration of these filters is 18 months.

It is available with different mouths to choose those that adapt to your extraction ducts. To guarantee correct operation you must use a filter that is more powerful than your extractor . It is also possible to connect several filters in line, for more power.

In Line Filter 3,000

SKU: FIL3000
  • In-line can filter 3000 mouth 315

    Maximum flow rate (m³/h): 3300
    Optimal flow rate (m³/h): 3000
    Mouth Diameter (mm): 315
    Diameter (mm): 465
    Length (mm): 1265
    Weight (kg): 40.5
  • Can Filters

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