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About ducts, joining parts, air distribution parts.


Circular ducts have the following applications:

Indoor or outdoor air conditioning, ventilation, extraction, induction installations, in places such as: hotels, associations, clubs, shopping, educational, service centers.

We have several finishes:

· High quality galvanized steel with thicknesses from 0.5 to 1mm depending on the diameter. Diameters: from 100mm to 1250mm. Custom sections can be manufactured. Available finishes: interior insulation, double wall, smooth, exterior thermal and acoustic insulation.

·Double wall fire resistant with zinc coating imitation stainless steel. Interior thickness 0.8mm and exterior 0.6mm. Insulated high-density ceramic blanket.

· Flexible insulated or uninsulated , laminated aluminum with high-strength spring steel wire. Ideal for fitting into small spaces with angles.

Ducto de aire
Rejilla de aire en conducto rectangular


Manufactured from galvanized sheet metal, for application in duct networks in ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Available with the following finishes:

Against fire, thermal and acoustic exterior insulation.

Air connection and distribution

To compose your ventilation network, it is necessary to have connection and air distribution parts. Depending on the geometry and needs of the premises or space, we will need: 90º or 45º elbow, tee, reduction, joining rings, grille, regulation gate, mesh or blind cover, flute or cap terminal, grille, diffuser, etc.

All these articles can be found here .

Red de conductos de aire
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