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The CAN-LITE anti-odor filters are designed to withstand the absorption of odors that are created in the room thanks to their 5 cm active carbon of excellent quality and durability. CAN-LITE filters hardly require maintenance. You simply have to place the jacket so that the charcoal is more protected and thus has a durability of between 12 to 14 months , depending on where the filter is placed and what the room environment is like.

Can-Lite 4,500 filter

SKU: FL4500
  • can-lite™ filter 4500 m3 (1 m mouth 355)

    Maximum flow rate (m³/h): 4950
    Optimal flow rate (m³/h): 4500
    Mouth diameter (mm): 355
    Diameter (mm): 500
    Length (mm): 1000
    Weight (kg): 36.5

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